Learning time management


Time management – what is that??

Working a full-time job, trying to start a business, family life, taking care of a home and yourself can be a challenge.  I do have the advantage of (almost) never having to work overtime, living six miles from work, no children (yet!), and being in good health.  Though I have some advantages, it can still take its toll.  I am in the the process of learning time management skills – something I never bothered to learn before with sometimes disastrous results in the past.  

Popular time management books such as The Time Trap and Getting Things Done might be useful to me.   Over the coming weeks, I will post updates on how I’m learning to better manage my time around starting a business. 


5 Responses to “Learning time management”

  1. 1 Eric

    Any tips on how to better manage time will be worth it for me! 😉
    – Eric

  2. There are a couple of free (and also for fee) courses on Time Management on our Open Learning Website ( http://www.latitudeu.com ) in addition to over 250 other courses (many free, most of the rest very inexpensive).

    We’re just a few months old so we would welcome any participation. Membership in latitudeu.com is always FREE.


    dave burta
    coo, http://www.latitudeu.com

  3. I’m dealing with the same issues! Can’t wait to see your progress and hopefully also learn from it!


  4. Much like you, i’m working on my business as well. Thank you for the book recommendations. I’m actually very eager to checking them out and from what I have seen they are quality. Thanks again, and I hope to hear some of your updates on your <a href=”http://blog4booty.com/time management as well!

  5. What a great photo!

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