How to sort it all out? (TMI)


Though I love buying and loaning books from the library on business, ecommerce, writing, blogging, WordPress, you name it, I found that I have gotten the majority of business and ecommerce related information online: websites, forums and blogs.  Too much information in fact!

How do you sort it all out?  How do you know which direction to turn to?  I almost feel like I need a business partner (any takers??), but I will get some advice this weekend at my Webeneur group.

Sometime between now and next week, I will start adding products to my website after cleaning it up a bit.  I still need to format my blog to make it look more like the website itself, but since this is my first time with HTML, CSS, and, I lack the skill.  I’m also not exactly sure which direction to turn to or which products to start out with first.  I have an idea, but I keep changing my mind!

As I was composing this post (starting yesterday), I found just what I needed to read: Make a Decision!

That post has the answer!


2 Responses to “How to sort it all out? (TMI)”

  1. I actually only follow a handful of blogs regularly. There are a lot of people who give advice, but if you narrow it down to the ones who really resonate with you, and ignore the rest, I think it helps (unless you resonate with everyone, hah).

    Frex, I’ve read a lot of books on marketing, but Seth Godin is the one who seems to get it the most (to me). So I follow his blog and read his books and ignore the people who don’t seem as likely to lead me toward the path I want to follow. It’s not that other viewpoints aren’t valuable, but with so much information out there, you really have to be picky, or you’ll spend all your time reading and not enough time doing.

    Does that make sense? It’s after midnight, so if it doesn’t, I’ll blame it on the hour… 😉

  2. Good advice Lindsay! I have a few that I follow on a regular basis so far and working on finding more in my industry…

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